"…techniques to find purpose and focus in a world of relentless expectations"

In a complex, intense and relentless world, paying attention – really paying attention to what's going on around you instead of operating on auto-pilot is a simple but powerful way of reducing stress, unlocking creativity and boosting performance. This module explores the principles and practice of mindfulness and how this actively helps you stay present, notice new things, heightens your sensitivity to context and perspective and stay aligned with your goals.

• What is mindfulness, and why it matters

• The dangers of the opposite – mindlessness!

• Overview of the neuro-science involved

• Accessing mindfulness – some quick guides to practicing it – personally and professionally

•Some mindfulness exercises, tips and techniques


"...The whole programme was well structured and delivered, it gave me clarity and I would encourage organisations to try this novel away day format in the wild for better results" – New Team Member