"developing clear thinking to cope in a rapidly changing world"

In these unprecedented and unpredictable times there will be a considerable degree of pressure and personal challenge in handling the immediate impact on your state of mind and your actions in coping with new ways of working and communicating. This module helps you understand how much of this is a normal human response to changing contexts and set-backs.


It provides a simple but practical approach to building and maintaining mental strength and resilience – essential tools in navigating with a clearer mind and positive approach through the current crisis and beyond


• Understanding the importance of building and maintaining mental toughness

• A simple 7 step Personal Resilience Framework

• Developing uniqueness in resilience – “what works for one person may not work for another”

• Exploring a range of practical and personal coping strategies


"...and thanks for an interesting/thought provoking day - better than any other big corporate & 'team building' day I've been on so hats off to you" - Dave, Team Member