"…developing emotional intelligence and self understanding to thrive"

It is said that every advance in humankind begins with an understanding of self. This module builds on this core principle and offers a clear language and model for individuals to more deeply understand their own character and personality. Using an established tool and framework that highlights mind-set (our thinking) and behaviours (our actions), this module creates a platform for developing strengths, enhancing confidence and building flexibility to adapt to different situations and relationships.

• Perception – how we view the world , ourselves and others

• Mindset – modes of thinking and behavioural style – our preferred ways of acting

• Super strengths – clarifying our strengths and how to leverage them to excel

• How we respond to pressure, threats and opportunities

• Flexing – the key to being effective, building relationships and growth

• Confidence, energy and decision making – viewed through enhanced emotional intelligence


"...The away day was a positive team exercise set in tranquil settings which itself is a different approach than the usual corporate style away days and games. I enjoyed the relaxing team exercises which gives you the personal space to think of oneself and the organisation"