"exploring the little things that make a big difference in times of uncertainty"

Drawing on the origins of minimal intervention and marginal improvement theories (originally originated from sport) this module covers the principles, and real-world examples of how making small shifts in the right areas can build incrementally into significant impact. It  considers ways of applying the discipline to everyday systems, policies, processes, content and activities in the workplace and in our personal lives.


•The origins of marginal gains thinking with examples from sport

•Breaking everything down to the smallest component parts

•The human factors – psychological safety, perception gaps and trust

•Incremental / compound effect of better decisions … every day

•Applying it to the workplace – and how we can benefit from this approach in many aspects of our personal lives


"...I have been on plenty of management courses and listened to a number of life coaches, but this represents a truly unique opportunity to put aside time to actually think about what it is that you can do to make small personal gains"