"…managing levels of stress & anxiety in an everchanging, increasingly volatile (busy) and complex world"

Explore topical aspects of the current pressures and how you might best cope with all of this to emerge in the best possible state - mentally and with pragmatic learning - for the future “new” world. We will explain  many of the causes and reactions to stress, some strategies for handling them and sharing a useful mental model called COPE to help manage through these difficult times.


• Brief introduction to the brain and how it reacts to pressure and threats

• Perception - we see the world through how we feel

• Stress Triggers & Signals -  identifying what it is that ”presses our buttons” and then how our behaviour shifts

• Anxiety cycle and strategies to break it - Normalising it, Accepting it, Surfing the waves, Being present

• COPE  - a mind-set framework to help personal and professional well-being

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"...Many thanks for the fantastic day provided to the Invest ESSEX team yesterday for what we all thought was an extremely valuable day throughout. Without exception the feedback I've received thus far is positive"