"...harnessing fresh perspectives on reconnecting dispersed and virtual teams"

Working virtually is now commonplace, driven by the recent Covid pandemic, and means we can now work in any location, home or office and across borders and time zones using the power of modern communications technology. The upsides of remote working are not without credibility and value – but physically dispersed teams have a lot of room for improvement – especially in the areas of true collaboration, communications, cohesion around common objectives and cementing trust amongst members.

• When a team is not a “team” – what it means to operate in a virtual team setting

• Slowing down to speed up

• “Rules of Engagement” for a virtual team

• Recognizing and leveraging  individual styles, needs, differences and communication preferences

• Virtual teams are not just about the technology….the need to work on climate, process, outputs and creativity

• The importance of engagement and inclusion in a virtual environment

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