Steve Robinson - Co-founder & 'Courageous Reactor'

As co-founder, Steve brings a natural commitment and energy to all areas of his life, thriving on achievement, determination and focus in his approach to work. He engages in a continuous desire to make a significant impact and does not shy away from making difficult decisions. As a strength Steve could be described as a

Courageous Reactor – being driven, vigilant and responsive to both opportunities and threats in all aspects of his personal and professional life.


Steve brings to his clients 25 years of first hand commercial experience, including a Board appointment and senior positions with Specsavers and Fitness First, built on the foundation of a successful career in corporate finance and banking. Steve is also a licensed practitioner of Insights Discovery and Mindflick Spotlight, a coach, team facilitator, group trainer and speaker at business events and seminars Steve adds a powerful mix of useable and sustainable approaches that will see individuals, teams and organisations achieving greater performance.

Tim Sayers - Co-founder & 'Logical Sounding Board'

As fellow co-founder, Tim’s values & beliefs are embedded in a strong ‘team ethic’ and the importance of strong, meaningful relationships. His inherent desire to help people be the very best version of themselves, brings out Tim’s strengths, that could be described as being the ‘Logical Sounding Board’ and ‘Cultural Temperature Gauge’, with a strong balance of support & encouragement, to help people change for the better.

With over 25 years of corporate experience at senior management and board level, in the UK and continental Europe, Tim brings a wealth of experience from working in small to medium enterprises as well as global organisations such as Coca-Cola, Nielsen & Whitbread. Tim’s naturally customer centric approach, puts people first and at the very centre of everything he does, whether coaching 1-2-1 or facilitating team/group sessions. Tim is a licensed practitioner of Mindflick’s Spotlight profiling tools, working with individuals & teams on developing, self-awareness, adaptability, performance improvement & behavioural change.


Who are we?

With rich corporate backgrounds in largely commercial & leadership roles, Steve’s and Tim’s respective journeys, both with many twists and turns, are in many ways the epitome of Creating New Horizons. Through successes & failures and ups & downs, their clarity of purpose, resilience and adaptability means they are well placed to help others discover their new horizons and navigate their way through the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Creating New Horizons has been born out of the friendship, shared values and beliefs of Steve Robinson & Tim Sayers. They have worked with each other for over a decade and have long held the ambition to create a wellbeing and development programme, that takes the very best from the world of learning & development, blended with the beautiful and transformational power of nature and the outdoors. The net result is a truly grounding, insightful and inspirational experience that enables people & teams to embrace uncertainty and flourish in so many ways.

What do we do?

Creating New Horizons provides a range of personal and team development activities and programmes to help you improve your wellbeing & performance, both professionally and in life generally. The various topics have been specifically tailored to meet the needs of these particularly challenging times, helping you to embrace uncertainty, strengthen your resilience and develop your adaptability. With these key cornerstones in place you are well on the way to achieving greater levels of wellbeing and improved performance.

As part of our blended approach to learning & development, our experiences are available via a mix of online workshops, face to face workshops and eLearning; with a particular focus on using nature and the outdoors to improve learning retention and the associated benefits to both mental & physical health & wellbeing.

We offer complete flexibility as to whether you choose to select individual workshops & pathways, to suit your specific needs, or whether we help you create a programme of development combining the relevant workshops & pathways, to meet your goals and aspirations. 

Take a look at our modules.


More importantly, WHY do we do what we do?

Without a strong and clear sense of purpose everything we do would be without true

meaning and go against our core values and beliefs. Our driving purpose is to help people be the very best version of themselves that they can be, whether that be supporting their personal development & wellbeing or their professional development.

“We must find a purpose or cause to pursue otherwise all we have left are our imperfections to focus on.” – Simon Sinek.

We practise what we preach and our strong sense of purpose helps us to be the best that we can be, which in turns enables us to help others be the best that they can be.

If we are not helping people to identify new things about themselves and others, or to find and explore new, alternative approaches, then we have failed.


We invite you to explore the sections under modules to look at the variety of learning areas and activities that you can take advantage off. Please get in contact with any queries and to chat with us to help clarify how we can help you and/or your team by emailing info@creatingnewhorizons.co.uk

What do our clients say?

"...and thanks for an interesting/thought provoking day - better than any other big corporate & 'team building' day I've been on so hats off to you" - Dave, Team Member

"...Thank you for today it was invaluable to have spent time with the team in this capacity outside of the office." -Tracey, Team Member

"...Many thanks for the fantastic day provided to the Invest ESSEX team yesterday for what we all thought was an extremely valuable day throughout. Without exception the feedback I've received thus far is positive"