"...and thanks for an interesting/thought provoking day - better than any other big corporate & 'team building' day I've been on so hats off to you" - Dave, Team Member

"...Thank you for today it was invaluable to have spent time with the team in this capacity outside of the office." -Tracey, Team Member

"...Many thanks for the fantastic day provided to the Invest ESSEX team yesterday for what we all thought was an extremely valuable day throughout. Without exception the feedback I've received thus far is positive"

"...it was amazing finding common ground with a colleague with whom I’ve

worked closely for over 4 years, but we’ve never discussed these issues before!"

"...The away day was a positive team exercise set in tranquil settings which itself is a different approach than the usual corporate style away days and games. I enjoyed the relaxing team exercises which gives you the personal space to think of oneself and the organisation"

"...The whole programme was well structured and delivered, it gave me clarity and I would encourage organisations to try this novel away day format in the wild for better results" – New Team Member

"...I have been on plenty of management courses and listened to a number of life coaches, but this represents a truly unique opportunity to put aside time to actually think about what it is that you can do to make small personal gains"

"The morning certainly gave me a different perspective on purpose (how often do we really think about what it is that we are seeking to achieve in life)"

"...It was interesting to see during the discussions you facilitated how much in the way of common ideas, views, values and approaches there was between different members of the team. There are certainly challenges ahead over the next 12 months, but I was really impressed that you focussed your attention on getting us to come up with our ideas rather coming up with a prescription of what you would do in the circumstances.Robert - Team Member