"…developing mental & behavioural flexibility & agility in responding to an uncertain world"

Never more has being adaptable, agile and versatile taken on such significance as a personal and professional skill. This module takes a deeper look into the science and pragmatic aspects of adaptability and how we can deal confidently effectively with a fluid and unpredictable world.


•Reinforcing the fast pace of change and impact of change in the workplace and all aspects of our lives and the need for agility and flexibility to COPE

•Context agility and FLEXing behaviours –and how this looks different for different personalities

•Fixed and flexible mind-sets and encouraging movement around effective modes of thinking

•Reacting to, responding to and initiating change

•Tuning into different modes of thinking in new, and versatility in unfamiliar circumstances


" was amazing finding common ground with a colleague with whom I’ve

worked closely for over 4 years, but we’ve never discussed these issues before!"