"tools & techniques to make recurring problems & challenges more solvable"

Using a simple but powerful metaphor that can help sharpen and clean the usual ineffective approaches to sticky situations.  This module is a pragmatic walk through a simple framework to help create solutions and sustainable change to a messy problems   - those that people “have tried everything” to resolve, and in which “nothing works!” …it’s been dragging on for a while - even getting worse the more they try!

• The metaphor of ‘pig wrestling’ to understand sticky problems and difficult situations

• The power of reframing the issue

• Clean thinking – as a help to unblocking unresolvable problems

• Understanding what the problem isn’t and some thought experiments on problem understanding

• Strengths to overcome problems and getting into a mind-set of seeing a more solvable problem


"...Thank you for today it was invaluable to have spent time with the team in this capacity outside of the office." -Tracey, Team Member